netwa's mission

Welcome to the National Education Technology Writers Association. NETWA is a networking group for writers in the K-12 education technology publishing field — including reporters, editors, freelance writers, public relations professionals, and others. NETWA's goal is to help advance the craft of writing about the use of technology in education.

To sign up, simply join our listserv. You'll also want to check out the events calendar for upcoming education technology conferences, and don't miss our database of education technology vendor news.


NETWA has three main objectives:

  • Provide a forum for professional and social interaction among all participants in education technology publishing.
  • Help editors connect with experienced freelance writers.
  • Promote high standards of integrity and accuracy in education technology journalism.

You can help NETWA achieve these objectives by becoming involved today.

frequently asked questions

Q: How do I join NETWA?
A: It's easy: Simply sign up for our free listserv. You will be asked to provide a brief bio for distribution to the list after joining.

Q: Does NETWA charge membership fees?
A: No. At this point, NETWA is simply a listserv, a web site, and an informal group of colleagues who wish to share, learn, and get to know each other. There are no dues, nor are there any of the services one might expect from a full-fledged professional association. In the future, we may launch an editorial awards program and other initiatives.

Q: Who is involved in NETWA?
A: More than 70 leaders in the field of education technology publishing have signed up for our listserv so far. The more who join, the more useful this group will be. Join our listserv today and help us create an effective forum for K-12 education technology writers.

Q: Can I inform the NETWA membership of a job opening or freelance opportunity?
A: Yes. Send announcements of job openings and freelance opportunities to our email address. The listserv moderator will forward these announcements to the list membership.


For more information about NETWA, contact founder Lars Kongshem or send e-mail to our email address.

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